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This is your casting section. Briefly introduce the cast and their bios below. Click download script for the Auditioning material. Location for audition is located at 102 Askew Ave Kansas City, MO 64123 from 7:00pm-11:00pm 08/29/2023

Jaz'Myn Faye Luv
Ms. Marketing Guru & Play Girl Savage

Daughter of a natural hair stylist and Jamican Jazz legend father who “traveled and worked a lot”. Her parents are her best-friends outside of Elvin Bishop Jones, besides him she only trusts her small circle and family. She has known Byrde since forever and considers her a big sis, her friend “Ms. Sunshine is a bad bitch no doubt but, Im badder” we hear her say in a conversation once joking.

Co-Star Role
Ms. Good Girl gone Bad Bitch

Liberty sees the best in everyone especially Sevin Jones.

Liberty had his baby and because of his lifestyle she agreed to keep it out the public that he was the father.

That does not mean he can treat her however, and act single in public. They are still a family and he needs to act accordingly, since he wanted the baby she went against her father for him. She tells him all the time he needs to tap into his feelings and stop playing with hers.

Angelica (Angie) Brown
Supporting Role
Angel Eldest daughter 20yrs

The first born and her daddy’s best friend, they are very close and talk everyday. She is the mother to her siblings and they go to her for everything. A Sophomore in College at Lincoln University, an HBCU not far from home. She can come every weekend is she wants but, she needs to develop a life outside of her siblings and father. Getting into a relationship is the last thing on her mind, plus she is her daddies black barbie. He gives her everything she needs to be successful and confident. Her auntie Jaz is her inspiration, she is everything to her, hence studying the same major and

attending a HBCU. Beautiful and spoiled but very aware and smart. She is team dad especially when her mom comes back from wherever she was. Can she forgive her after learning a truth that bonds them.

Angel Brown Jr.
Supporting Role
Angel’s only son 15yrs

The only son and his fathers namesake, a baseball and basketball star in school. He is just like his dad silent and deadly, but funny and has lots of personality like his mom. At least that is what grandma ma tells him. He adores his sisters, loves his uncle Blaze to death they have so much in common. He can talk to both his father and uncles about anything except that his girl is pregnant and he want to marry her.

Mr. Todd and Geneva Parker 
Supporting Role
Elvin Mother and Step Dad

Filled with the holy ghost and highly favored, Mrs. Geneva is the mother of Elvin Bishop Jones. As her only child she is very invested in his life and needs to have a say so on all his

decisions. One major decision is choosing his wife and not letting him marry Jazz’myn’s fast tail self. Mr. Parker

on the other hand is Elvins ally, he appreciates the effect Jazz had on Elvin growing up. He is rooting for them and still giving Elvin the best advice on how to deal with Jazz antics.

Mr. Parker is the only one that can tame Mrs. Parker, her slick mouth and overbearing ways. Mrs. Parker can be real sanctified then real mean within a split second using God and quoting scriptures. Her past is dark and she don’t like to talk about it and she definitely don’t like to be around her sons father who reminds her of it. Trying to control Elvin is going to just draw him away when she realize that its her and nobody else making their relationship strained she tightens up. Not a lot but enough to be included in her son life.

Angel Dee Brown
Mr. OG Barber/ Single Dad

Meet Angel, he is a basement barbershop owner, that distributes weed and other illegal substances. Known in KC as a street king and single dad of 3, two girls and a boy.

Struggling with inner issues that he is uncovering and trying to work through. One being the absence/abandonment of his kids mother and her willingly not being a part of her kids life. When, he just wants a chance to hug his mother again who died after giving birth to his lil brother. Recently having crazy nightmares that won’t seem to go away.

Co-Star Role
Mr. Right w/PTSD

The epitome of what a Navy Seal officer would be like moving home after 15yrs. Ready to settle down and have a family with his first love and best friend Jazz’Myn.

The most sought after bachelor in KC.

Elvin is not Jazz plaything anymore he is ALL MAN in every sense of the word.

Supporting Role
Aaron Rogers
Jaz’Myn Stalker

Is an old lover that can not let go of what they had. He wanted to marry her and lock her down but she wanted to be single and free. When he notice that she is constantly with this guy Elvin all of sudden it makes him go crazy. Now he is everywhere she is, even when she don’t know that he is. All he want is for her to see him as her soul mate like he views her as his. So if he can’t have her then nobody can. He is willing to die for her love.

Lonnie Luv
Supporting Role
Jaz’Myn cousin

Is Jaz fav cousin, before Liberty moves back who always gives her the tea about the City. He is gay and proud, a successful host throughout the City. Brings a lot of comedic reliefs to serious situations. He introduces her to a lot of key players to help build up her and Blaze new company.

Rebecca (Becky) Stone
Supporting Role
Ms. Event Planner / The Mole

On a mission to capture Elvin attention by any means necessary. She always seems to pop up everywhere he is. She has a strong relationship with Elvin Mother. They met at church and his mother has told her and continues to tell her everything she knows. Giving Becky the best opportunities to get alone with Elvin. She is supposed to be on a mission but, her feelings start to get the best of her after getting to know and experience him herself. She wants him for real now and Jaz’Myn is in her way, she need to get her out the picture. Aaron Rogers loves Jaz too

so he should have her right?

Blazer Darrel Brown
Mr. Party Promoter Lover Boy

One of Kansas City’s most eligible bachelors, he has been a hot commodity ever since he could remember. Ladies love a good body and pretty smile, plus he has manners. If you come to any party/event that Blazer is hosting, it will be filled with beautiful women everywhere.

The brother/son of Angel Dee Brown. Blazer looks up to his brother for guidance, and loves him like a son to a father.

Co-Star Role
Ms. Southern Belle Boss Baddie

Born in ATL raised in Memphis and now lives in KC.

Sunnie, is the baddest woman that Angel has ever encountered not based on looks alone, even though she is FINE FINE!

Sunshine is the ultimate Independent Boss Bitch, she is the hair stylist and fashionista of the Beauty Bar. Everyone she meets worships her, her fashion sense, and her complete mastery over men.

Supporting Role
The Driver 

Sevin driver and personal security.
His name is rightfully that. He brings justice to Sevin and everyone connected to him. His is the Law, whatever Sevin and the browns family need he is on deck gun in hand. He is Sevin conscious. The one that see’s and hears everything.

Supporting Role
Security Guard

Dies in the first scene.

He is the catalyst for this story. After his death the mission behind Brown Luv Entertainment is elevated. To helping the community of 18th and Vine build a better brand for the culture. Show that not all black events end in shootings and fights.
Ms. Teresa Stevans
Supporting Role
Jaz parent, not married but “together” With Jazz "Legend Luv

Teresa is best friends with her daughter but maintains the mother daughter 

structure, always honest and open with Jazz expect about how she was conceived. What Jazz don’t know can’t hurt her right? Teresa arranged for Jazz sperm and Angel wife Angelica to give birth to her only child using Teresa eggs. Jazz had no clue at first until the baby was born causing rift between him and Teresa.

Jazz only stayed around for pretenses, he has a new secrete wife nobody knows but will learn about soon. Teresa took his sperm and had a baby he never wanted to have, the relationship between him and Jazz is strained and he is finally trying to fix it through the love of music they share. With a son on the way by a women damn near his daughter age they can’t seem to bond organically as father and daughter should. His chauvinistic ways could be the problem.

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