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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Filmmaker, Visionary, Dreamer...

But most importantly a creator passionate about my crafts. 

It all starts with a heart’s desire and a dream. 

Our zeal is to bring your dreams to reality, telling your story through both stills and dynamic. 

Whether it’s production filming, editing or Color grading. We put 100% in very project. 

We treat your projects like it was one of our own. We are grateful for our clients, creators, and collaborators for you help us fulfill our prodigious desire to create. 


KC People


Runner Up


KC Fringe



18th & Vine



My career has given me many opportunities to utilize my skills and learn new techniques. I’m proud of my professional journey and know that my path wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful talents who have worked with me. As a professional Cinematographer committed to mastering my craft, receiving recognitions like these reminds me that my hard work is appreciated, and motivates me to strive to do better.

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